Welcome back, I hope last week’s blog hasn’t caused any of you to go cross eyed from taking long, hard looks in the proverbial mirror…the points mentioned were raised to make you more aware of how others, namely customers, may see you and not as a telling off…I’m not that mean!

The important thing to remember in this day and age is that customers expect a lot from their time and money and quite justly so. There is so much competition out there, most of it on your doorstep, so you only really get one chance to make a lasting impression and you must make it count.

Probably the most associated thing with a company or business is its brand and logo. This is not simply an eye catching thumbnail that looks good on your promo material but a reflection of your company’s values and business type.

Take your logo, does it tie in with the type of business you’re in or is it all over the shop. Ha shop, get it…? Ok, let’s just wait a minute for the tumbleweed to pass then I can carry on…Right, coast clear. There are a lot of elements to consider when choosing a logo. Firstly it should be easily recognisable and distinguishable so that customers are left in absolutely no doubt that you are you and not some subsidiary of a larger corporation (unless you are of course and then it’s perfectly acceptable to have relating logos).

  • Is your logo friendly? Believe it or not, this does have an impact on customers coming through the door or customers going out of the door. If it is friendly and cheery customers will perceive you as an approachable and helpful company. If it is stand-offish in any way then customers are likely to take this as a reflection of your demeanour and the service you provide.

  • Do you have an accompanying tagline? As this is going to be visible at every opportunity, when coupled with your logo it is your chance to sum up what you do and how you do it, reinforce your business message and reiterate that you are the right choice.

  • Are you being continuous with your branding therefore showing the level of consistency that is present in your work or is it half heartedly sporadic?

The logo and tagline are often amongst the first things to be done and therefore should set a precedent for things to follow. Get that right and you’ll soon see how it can make your job of promoting your business that little bit easier. Another thing that gives you clout in the crowded consumer market is social presence. You can use social media in many ways from promotion to interaction and recruiting new customers to your own virtual news bulletin.

  • Are you using social media to your advantage and promoting your company where possible? – Customers will see this as you being savvy and having a majority handle on the market. It also lets them know that you are aware of how your customers shop showing you understand them…never a bad thing!

  • Do you interact with your customers regularly? This shows shows you care and are passionate about what you do whilst portraying the notion that your customers are deserving of your time.

  • Do you actively recruit new customers by means of sign ups for offers, asking their opinion etc? This gives the perception that you are a successful company that is growing and therefore doing something customers should know about.

  • Do you share your successes, events and updates by using social media as a virtual news bulletin? This will capture the attention of your customers as it says “Hey, we have something to tell you that is worth sharing”, plus it bolsters the success aspect of recruiting new customers.

For my last point in this blog I have chosen to look at what is perhaps the most important aspect of your business and ultimately what your customers will be most interested in – your product or products.

  • Have you established your key products? My point is that whilst most people are good at many things they are only really exceptional when it comes to a few. You need to consider whether you are coming across as a specialist in your field or a jack of all trades and master of none.

Like I said last week, this is your business at the end of the day so it is worth getting it right. These tips are not difficult to follow and you are probably doing most of them already so the question is, is there room for improvement? If you think the answer to that question is a big, resounding ‘Yes’ but are a little unsure where to begin then make your way over to the telephone and give Debut Marketing a call. We enjoy helping people and businesses, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside – happy days!

Next week I think we will stay on this path and focus a little more on the social media aspect, perfect for coinciding with Julie Mitchell-Mehta’s Developing A Social Media Strategy For YOUR Business event being held on 19.3.13…have you booked yet?

How customers perceive you through your marketing – part 2

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