Now, I can tell you straight away, before you even get comfortable with a cuppa and settle for the long haul, that this topic will require at least two blog installments. So now my next step is to tell you what to expect from this week and next…

This week I will focus on the right kind of advertising and promotion for your business and I will follow this up next week by talking a bit about cost effective advertising that’s right for you and your business.

As there is no better place to start than at the beginning (thank you Julie Andrews for making this point known to all pre 1990’s kids); how would you get your name out there if you were just starting up? Marketing activity, promotion and advertising of large companies may seem extremely daunting, and trying to keep up with let alone compete with the big hitters can seem like a hopeless task. But if you take it step by step you’ll find it’s not that difficult to get results, in fact it’s really easy.

1. Start simply and build up your presence. The best form of advertising and promotion is word of mouth and endorsement. Ask customers if they would give you a testimonial and then shout it from the rooftops…if the rooftop is a social media platform or your website that is.

2. Be active in the online community. Everyone’s mum’s mums seem to be on Facebook, Twitter and Google + these days and this sociable way of communicating is a quick and easy way to drum up interest as you are pretty much unlimited as to what you talk about.

3. Network, mingle, chat and all that jazz. People buy from people, this very profound statement has become the strapline of business people across the land and quite simply because it is true. You should take every networking opportunity to meet as many people as possible because, much like points mean prizes, connections mean credibility.

4. Credibility gained now expand it. Hmmm, so you’re now a networking pro, a social media whiz and have a black book as thick as War and Peace…what next? Form partnerships with businesses that can benefit yours and that add to your company’s skill set and then they can recommend you to their customers and vice versa. Two heads are better than one after all, or you can get involved with a community or charity project…

5. By doing the latter you will not only be helping others, giving something back and boosting your reputation but it may land you some press coverage, the holy grail of promotion because of its sheer reach, credibility and independence.

When done often and well, these steps are just the beginning to becoming every bit as successful as the aforementioned big hitters. Watch this space for next week’s tips on how to get what you want and where you want through the right advertising.

How to start promoting your business or product

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