If there is one type of R and R that we all need to function at full capacity it is ‘rest and relaxation’. And if there is one type of R and R our businesses need to function at full capacity then it is comes in the form of ‘result analysis and review’.

Now you may remember us Début girls stressing the importance of putting into place and following a marketing plan? Well, it is now when that piece of advice comes into its own and, just in case you are new to our blog, here is a brief rundown of what was said…

…a plan will remind you to take action to generate new enquiries whilst keeping you focused on your goals and your messages consistent. By having clear aims you are able to measure your achievements and replicate the actions that got you there…

So is your plan working? Well, look at your results.

  • Have you generated interest, enquiries, new leads and most importantly, sales?

  • Has traffic to your website increased and ultimately turned into a stream of customers?

  • Do you have more twitter followers and Facebook ‘likes’ posting links to your site?

  • Did your last activity achieve your desired result or is it back to the drawing board?

  • Are you making useful contacts and getting feedback?

  • Are you doing a good job and what you say you will?

  • Are you making money; bucks, spondoolies, a.k.a. cold, hard cash!!??

If the answers to the above questions are mainly ‘Yes’ then job well done, carry on.

If the answers to the above questions are mostly ‘No’ then see below…quickly.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it is review time.

The Chambers Dictionary defines a review as:

“1. an act of examining, reviewing or revising, or the state of being examined, reviewed or revised. 2. a general survey of a particular subject, situation, etc. 3. a survey of the past and past events…”

So let’s do exactly that.

Start by getting feedback, it is a good indicator as to whether or not you are achieving what you set out to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for it and remember that the customer is always right. When carrying out activity, it is a good idea not to limit yourself to one type of as you will have nothing to use as a comparison. When reviewing your activity, look at which one worked best and either elaborate on it, putting in more customer features, or replicate it for further analysis.

Also look at your outgoing expenditure. Are you doing something yourself that may be more beneficial to you if it was outsourced or vice versa. Have you spent a lot on gimmicky things that are eye catching but not very useful in the long run or that have a short ‘talking point life’. In other words, are you able to refer to these again and again in promotional material e.g. have you donned a big furry animal costume to raise awareness of yourself or have you donned a big furry animal costume to raise awareness of yourself and a charity and then made a donation thus being a supporter?

And are you doing enough to get your name out there. Have you considered networking? It is a great way to meet like minded business people who either are, or once were, in the same boat as you and who will only be too happy to help. Check out this site http://aberdeenbusinessnetwork.ning.com/ It’s free, and awesome!

So it’s onwards and upwards, the sky’s the limit and remember, you are making your début so why not let the Début girls help.

Time for a bit of R and R – Results and Review
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