Sticking to the theme of Facebook, I’d like share a few content ideas with you this week.

I recently listened to a podcast about Facebook which had a few useful tips in it. The one I remember most regards understanding your customers, their aspirations and their dreams  and tapping into that through Facebook in order to increase interaction with your page. That makes sense to me for a number of reasons:

  1. Facebook is a SOCIAL network, where people go to catch up with friends and family, share photos and generally have fun. If you are talking to them about their  lives and their dreams, they will relate to you more strongly
  2. Non-stop selling or talking about your product will bore people and make them ignore or even unlike your page. Talk about them instead.
  3. Facebook is part of your marketing. Marketing is all about understanding your customers. Understand them then talk to them in their language.
Living the dream - facebook tips

So, if you understand your customers, their hopes, their dreams… how do you use that knowledge to improve your Facebook posts?

  1. Use photos. A picture tells a thousand words apparently. So save yourself some writing and post a picture instead. Photos tend to put you higher up the newsfeed than just plain status updates.  Remember it’s about their aspirations and not your products.
  2. It’s all about you… no, not you, them. Use the word “you” to make sure you are talking about your audience and not yourself all the time.
  3. Use themes. This year has been easy-peasy for anyone using themes. First the jubilee, then the torch, the olympics and now the huge inspiration-fest that is the paralympics. If you know your customers, you’ll know the sort of themes that are likely to appeal.
  4. Stay on topic. Remember why people are liking your page. Relate every post to your topic, however tenuously.
  5. Check your stats. See what works best and do more of it.
  6. Mix it up. Make sure your posts are varied to avoid that “samey” feel.

What do you think? Have you tried using your customers’ dreams to reach them more effectively?

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Living the dream: 9 Facebook tips
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