As I am sure you all know, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, having reached over 900 million active users in 8 years.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and likes 80 brands. If you have a business page you need to stand out from all the holiday photos, dodgy jokes and special offers that appear in your fans’ news feeds. Not only that, you have to confront the Top Stories Monster which dictates who sees your post and how high up their page it appears.

So, while Facebook can be lots of fun and hugely rewarding, it is also hard work and requires a serious and regular commitment if you want it to work. I’m talking more “married to” than “it’s complicated”.

However, if that scares you, there are some fabulous success stories to spur you along. Look at Morphsuits, for example. It started off as a part-time venture for three friends from Edinburgh. 1 million Facebook Likes later, it is a highly successful international company.

Closer to home, JG Ross the bakers posted this…

facebook  page example


…which tapped right into the dual Aberdonian loves of lardy snacks and strange names, and got 198 comments. Not bad for a page which only had 280 likes at the time.

The other key to success on Facebook is engagement. Without those coveted likes, comments and shares, you will slide down the newsfeed without trace. Always think about how your post will engage the readers and elicit a reaction.

So, with a large chunk of commitment, a shovelful of imagination, a wodge of fun and a sprinkle of inspiration you can make it big on Facebook.

For more advice and tips, there is still time to book onto my Facebook for Business training session on 28 August in Aberdeen.

Facing up to Facebook
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