Ah, it feels good to be back, how is everyone? Enjoying the hols? Just because you left school some moons ago doesn’t mean to say you can’t cash in on some out-of-term-time fun. How many of you have used the excuse “it’s for the kids” to relive your youth?? I knew it, I’m on to you…hey, don’t look so abashed, we’ve all done it. But answer me this, how do you keep up with what’s hot, what’s not and what’s worth doing?

Well, a little birdy told me that Twitter was a great way to get some inspiration for days out, just put the question out there. But seeing as life has taken the path of more work and less play for us grown ups the question should really be what can Twitter do for us?

Assuming you are all perched comfortably, I shall delay no longer and reveal all, you knowledge hungry little gannets you…

First thing’s first, you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg In other words, you need to get the less enjoyable tasks out of the way before you can start spreading your twitter wings. (The breaking egg part refers to having your profile photo taken, I hate it! But I know it is in my best interest to have a real live person accompanying the tweet name).

Now, fledgling users will undoubtedly feel like the ugly duckling as they will probably be able to count their followers on one hand, maybe two, but in time I promise you this will grow if you follow these tips.

Tweet with an aim

Try and put some value into your tweets so that they actually give your followers something whilst establishing you as the person to ask/follow for information, entertainment, advice, discussion or debate. Once you know what your followers want (see last sentence) then tweet content will be easy and you’ll be on a chirping home run!

Follow others with the same interests

Birds of a feather, flock together and are more likely to add weight to your tweets by answering, re-tweeting and including you in conversation. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling when you make new twitter friends and your heart is all a flutter when you get re-tweets so be sure and thank those that have taken the time to oblige.

Understand why you are using twitter

It’s all very well composing something new every fifteen minutes but don’t count your chickens before they hatch and rely on albeit informative but abundant ‘tweetings’ alone to help you enjoy illustrious twitter fame. By all means, tell your followers random stuff but try and get two birds with one stone by fulfilling a goal too. Why exactly are you using twitter? Do you want to:

  • build a personal brand

  • be seen as an expert in your field

  • want someone specific to notice you

  • drive traffic to your website

  • gain more blog readers

  • spread the word about your passion…the list goes on!

Be wary of self promotion, repetition and spamming

No-one likes to be henpecked! If you really are that good, people will recognise it and do what is desired i.e. re-tweet, employ your services, promote you or send you a direct message if they want to chat more. Twitter would be called Tittr (minus the w e) if it was all me me me.

Head up a V revolution

I am of course referencing the V formation birds fly in to conserve energy etc., what else would I mean?? Now, 140 characters are good for keeping to the point but sometimes you need to be that early bird in order to catch the worm and add more to save people time and energy. Consider links, photos, the latest buzz topics, answering questions, asking questions and creating interaction. All this will add to your credibility.

Right, think I have covered enough this week, hints – check; tips – check; a partridge in a pear tree – check, but on a serious note and above all of the above, have some fun! Go, fly the nest and let your inner twitter birds soar. But be sure and come back next week for tips on getting all your ducks lined up – aka organising your twitter feed.


The eagle eyed ones amongst you might have noticed a theme running through today’s blog. Debut Marketing accepts no responsibilities for any injuries caused either from hysterical giggles or partial baldness caused by acting upon the desire to tear your hair out due to tenuousness.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, get more from Twitter
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