It’s not all power suits and induced repetitive strain injury for us , we are modern day superheroes. A little more subtle in our appearance, and our approach to saving the world is fuelled by the desire to wipe out bad grammar and make your business shine through original means of promotion. Armed with smartphones, laptops, creativity and wit; our aim is to stop the carpal tunnel surgery statistics rising by actually getting out and about and meeting people to get a handle on their business needs.

So how does it all begin? Well, it’s a familiar scene, alarm goes off, you hit snooze, it goes off again officially marking the start to the day. I can only hope that some of you have chosen a more rousing, motivational jingle to greet the new morning with than my intrusive siren which bellows from my iphone with annoyingly high levels of decibels, which I didn’t even think an iphone was capable of?

So once ready, I’ll spare you those details, the commute to work is a short jolly to the office, mine is currently located in the basement but can be moved to the kitchen (i.e. i pick up my laptop and haul frame to the bar stool in the sunniest corner). Upon settling, feet nestled in wine rack, coffee close by, using hootsuite I schedule a sufficient amount of tweets for the day ahead, adding to these as I see fit or if something should grab my attention whilst out on my travels.

“Travels you say…?” Yes, this kind of superhero ventures out in the day happy to bare all to the waiting world. Well, not quite all because that would be wrong but our true identity as saviours from the cardinal marketing sins, you know what I mean, here take your spade back!

First stop, a meeting to discuss web content. It’s great getting to really know your clients and build up a rapport. I think it really gives you an insight into the person behind the business and allows me to tailor the copy and content to them as a person and a professional. People buy from people after all.

Now it’s off to get my teeth into something meaty and no, I don’t mean lunch, I’m talking about advertising. I have been lucky enough that quite high up on my task list features ‘source advertising opportunities for expanding company’. Thinking out of the informative, cover to cover news filled box that has the ability to grubby up fingers and more enclosed, palatial style seating area at optimum viewing level, I head to The Music Hall for a chat with their Marketing Manager. I’m thinking shows, I’m thinking glitz and glam, I’m thinking maximum exposure. I’ve always been a sucker for jazz hands and happy endings but this client is more functionality without frills so I leave with a list of suitable shows for sponsorship and advertising package options and generally pretty darn happy with the outcome…Promising with a capital P.

So by now the heels are starting to grate and the updo is more sloping- do so it’s time for me to retreat to the bat cave aka study in the basement despite how astounding the similarities are! No sooner is the key in the door than the familiar spawks (pet term) (ha, see what I did there) of my oh so spoilt siamese dance through the air like a child’s cuddle to greet me -pah, if you believe that…more like “feed me Mum, you’ve been out all day and the neighbour’s cat finished off my food at 10.45am!!!” Cat tended to, it’s back to work and research time.

The mission, which I choose to accept by the way, is to devise a brochure in a certain style encapsulating a message in very few words. Sounds easy? Not so much, this one involves exercising the old grey matter until it could pass as an Olympic veteran. Still, never one to be deterred by a challenge, I soldier on and come up with some awesome ideas.

Now I’m starting to wind down so choose to end this productive day with one of my favourite jobs…the blog. back to top

Debut Marketing superheroes

So now you know the ins and outs of a typical day working for Début Marketing…pretty cool huh? And fear not, we shall carry on waging war against mediocrity for as long as this city needs us.

A Day in the Life… a song by the Beatles, a blog by a Début marketeer
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