Good…Morning/Afternoon/Evening (delete as applicable so relevant to your current GMT status) and welcome back.  It’s so nice to see some old faces in the audience (*N.B. definition of ‘old’ in this instance equals not new or returning) and oh, what’s that, do I spy some new ones in the back there??, welcome to you too. (*N.B. part 2,  new readers are obliged to now visit this blog on a weekly basis)

Now, from the headline I hope you have gathered the subject of today’s blog? You will also know it if you read last week’s blog but there seems an element of cheating one’s self out of working the old grey matter if you take the easy option…don’t you agree?

So, let’s cut to the chase, just how exactly should you vary your copy and content and perhaps more importantly, what is the difference?

Well, copy is the one in the power suit doing the persuading and selling and content is the slightly plump, smiley one with a bun and approachable demeanour.  Don’t get me wrong, copy is not something to be intimidated by it just has a slightly more challenging purpose.

Say for example you wanted to promote an underperforming product/service via an email shot (also called a campaign), you require both copy and content. You will need the following:

  • A catchy headline – This is copy and should be enticing enough to make them read on whilst promising them something in return.

  • Offer – What are you selling?  Make this clear, is there a saving, would it be portrayed better as a % or money off in pounds (£)? Figures speak volumes and sometimes 25% off reads better than save £3

  • Background (about you if necessary) – It is always wise to add any credible facts in here, whether you are targeting existing customers or not, after all it would be great if they forwarded your email to somebody new

  • Product Info. – This will require both copy and content as you need to talk about the product/service and also what it will do for the customer.  Think features and benefits, Fs and Bs (…not swears) and make these clear, the saying ‘time is money’ is true, you don’t want people to have to spend a long time reading to figure out why they should buy what you’re selling.

  • What you want them to do (action) – Buy now; sign up; enter a draw; give you their details.  This is copy and as unambiguous as black and white but there is no room for complacency so don’t seem needy when phrasing your desired ‘action’.

  • Policies and contact details – This is content as you are giving the customer information.  It still needs to be kept relevant to the product and your business so try and preempt any questions they may have.

Obviously in the literary world of selling and advertising you will come across many types of promotion, next week I will run through some of the most common ones and do a breakdown of the above starting with headlines, oh goody, my favourite…Don’t worry, I have enough excitement to go round!

(* these are also examples of content…see just how varied it can be!)

Contain your Content and Replicate your Success
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