Yo, word up ma peeps, a big shout out to all the comrades, this here be da bomb y’all, it be rockin the schizzle ayyyyeee!!

Roughly translated as…

A big hello to all my readers, welcome back. This week’s blog is going to be interesting…

No, I have not just returned from Jamaica and I am definitely not impersonating Dappy (…albeit very badly if I was), the importance of that exercise was to show that you can’t always address your audience in the same way.

I can just imagine the mixture of confused faces and gesticulations portraying hysteria coming from you all because I’m quite sure 50% of you would have had no idea what that meant if it wasn’t for the translation and the other 50% will have noticed all the flaws in my attempt at lingo! But what I am trying to say in layman’s terms and the Queen’s English is “identify and remember your audience when corresponding with them” (virtual bow and a curtsey for good measure, do you think Ma’am would be impressed by my pleasantries?)

You need to think carefully about who will be buying what you are selling. Whether that be holidays, food, a service or yourself. Some will be more interested in cost, others in quality, and both in what it can do for them, the consumer. So there is no point trying to flog an 18-30 to someone whose age is the sum of that plus some, or to someone who wants a relaxing break regardless of their age.

Your target market is who you want and think are most likely to buy so you need to make them feel if you are talking to them exclusively as a group and often individually too. You will be able to get a good idea of who this market is by using analytics and engagement.

This is where you can begin to segment your audience into smaller groups allowing you to be more personal in your approach.

For example, if your audience is technology savvy then add some links, infographics and make them get involved. It is safe to assume they will be familiar with the ‘jargon’ that surrounds technology so you can safely discuss Avatars without images of blue humanoids being conjured up…unless they are blue humanoids and then you get two birds with one stone.

But on the other hand, if your audience needs a little more guidance through the technological jungle then be their fearless guide and trim away at the overwhelming mixture of terms and phrases with simple explanations and examples. Tip: How to videos are ideal.

You yourself will know your brand and house style inside out or be familiar with that of your client. This should not be deviated from as it begins to jeopardise it and causes confusion amongst customers.

O.K., lesson over, now you can relax. I hope I haven’t scrambled too many brains? Just think of it this way…would I buy what I am trying to sell?

Now you know how to speak to your target audience, tune in next week to find out how to decide which social media to use to reach them… Peace out y’all!!

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