Well you’re back for more are you? You are gluttons for punishment, but, do you know what? I don’t blame you…especially with the enticement of a visual treat such as this.

So sit back, relax, keep your arms and legs inside the carriage at all times and get ready to enjoy a short and sweet (much like the author and star herself) explanatory journey into How to write a Marketing Plan.

(The imagery required to complete this screening must partly come from you, so if you would be so kind as to draw back the enormous wine coloured velvet curtains in your mind, the show can begin)

(Claps and cries of ‘Encore’ from the audience inserted here)

(Off the back of this video, Julie’s first ever YouTube contribution for Debut Marketing, her presence was requested at Cannes, subsequently, Susan Sarandon will be playing her in the next installment)

Some great points there with none of the mumbo jumbo that all too often befalls educational ditties, so just to reiterate:

  • What are your objectives, what do you want your marketing to achieve
  • Make a list of specifics to keep your message on track
  • Look at the current market place and consider your positioning
  • Who is your target audience
  • Consider your promotional options accordingly
  • Make an action plan

As ever, we can offer advice on how to do this or do it for you,  you’ll be amazed at what creative ideas we can conjure from a few facts and figures and a brainstorming – we love a challenge!

And this brings me on nicely to next week’s topic.  How copy and content should and will vary for different promotional material.

“Who’s coming with me…”??

Sorry, it seemed befitting to end on some movie trivia – name that film in the comments below or on twitter (@carolinefw and @debutmarketing).

How to write a marketing plan
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