Google is the most successful search engine because it not only searches, but it also finds what you are looking for. Google wants your website to be found by your potential customers because if they find your site, and it’s just what they need, Google is doing its job!

There are lots of very complicated methods of optimising your website so that it is easier for search engines to find it. However, there are also some very easy and very basic changes you can make.

Firstly – your page title. The title is the first thing the search engines see, and it tells them what the page is about. Every page on your website should have a different title, based on its content. Think about (and research) what visitors will type in if they are looking for the products or services on that page. Put the most important words or phrases in your page title. The title is also what shows up in the little tabs at the top of your page, so make sure the first couple of words give an indication of the content.

Secondly – the description. This is the second thing the search engines look at. It gives a slightly more detailed summary of the page content. Again, include the key search words and phrases. The page description also helps your potential customers decide if they want to click on the link to visit your site.

This is what the search results page for “Marketing Consultancy Aberdeen” shows:



The blue line is the title of the page and the text underneath is the description. The words in the search are shown in bold.

Finally – make sure that the words you have used in the title and description also show up in the content. Google’s not stupid – it does check that they match!

These are the basics and they are very easy to do. Now there is absolutely no excuse for having a site without a title.


Google is your friend

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