Some of you may know that we recently became the owners of four chickens. It’s yet another step in my conversion from city girl to country lass!

Today, watching the chickens sitting on my kitchen windowsill (yes, really!), I realised that their way of getting more treats is just an instinctive version of how we network in business. These apply equally to face-to-face networking and to social networking online.

1. Be seen –  have a regular presence to remind customers and contacts that you are there. They are more likely to throw some scraps in your direction if you are right in front of them.

2. Knock on the door – approach your target customers, be friendly. They are not going to come and find you; you need to speak to them and tell them who you are.

3. Be entertaining – tell a story, provide information, help someone out. If you make someone smile, they are going to warm to you… and probably help you in return.

So, just do what comes naturally. Be a chicken!

Networking for chickens

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