When I was a youngster at school, come this time of year my concentration span became directly proportionate to the fading sunlight so teachers had to work extra hard to get anything to stick. Many a modern spin was put on lessons and often, to try and make them more interesting, a Christmas theme was adopted.

Well, one thing from those lessons did stick, the use of the word ‘Christmas’ as a learning tool. Why reinvent the wheel? I thought to myself when coming up with something a little different for this week, so here’s something I prepared earlier…


Copy – above all this should flow, be easy to read and understand, free from jargon and informative whilst suggesting selling.

Homepage – this may very well be a customer’s first port of call when visiting your website so it needs to be engaging and make them want to explore your site.

Response – measure it! Set goals and gauge how well an activity is doing based on the response and how close it brings you to your target.

Innovation – stand out from the crowd. Remember, we are exposed to 1000s of messages per day so you will need to be innovative with yours if they are to be remembered.

Seo – what sat nav is to Santa. If you want to rank, this is how you do it but note, it can be tricky so get an adult to help.

Tags – or more specifically, meta tags. These are the angelic little brothers of SEO and help (as opposed to hinder!) your ranking.

Message – keep it clear. You can have more than one message but there needs to be a focus.

Audience – know them. If you can talk to them in a friendly, professional and persuasive way, you’re on the right track.

Segmentation – group your audience into fields with specific categories, this will help you to target them more effectively.

I have tried to keep this short and sweet as I know how busy people are at Christmas time. But if you were able to spare a few moments to read this week’s blog then I hope it cheered you up and there will be more where this came from next week!

The Marketeer’s meaning of Christmas
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