Well, this is it, the last ever blog of 2012. What a memorable year it has been, for some of the right reasons and for some of the wrong reasons and of course, there are always going to be those embarrassing reasons. So rather than let them rear their scarlet coloured ugly heads at will, we are going to ‘woman up’ and tell all. We’re not (too) ashamed to have been honorary members of the dunce club once or twice this year and are delighted (?) to share our misfortunes with you. If for no other reason than to spread a little festive cheer!

This first one can be attributed to increasing giddiness from festive surroundings and is all the doing of Mrs Julie Mitchell-Mehta…

Ice Escapades

“We all know that all work and no play makes for diminished productivity, so badly in need of some ‘R&R’ I decided to take a trip up the Lecht. A couple of hours whizzing down slopes, taking in the scenery was just what the doctor had ordered. But as I gathered my skis and cold weather apparel I just couldn’t quite shake the little niggling feeling of guilt I had as deep down I knew I really should be working. ‘It’s only a few hours’ I thought to myself, ‘I know, I’ll schedule some tweets and it will appear as if I am in my office slaving away’. Pleased with my solution and rapidly decreasing guilt I did just that and off I went to the snowy capped mountains. Now, as you now know I was playing and not working but as far as everyone else was concerned I was working and not playing… and everything was going swimmingly until I absentmindedly decided to tweet a picture of my gorgeous surroundings. In a split second, my cover up, fun and facade came to an abrupt end. Curse you modern technology for making sharing pictures via social media so easy and non retractable!”

 A lesson learnt I think, but don’t worry, my smugness is short lived as this next horror story is mine…

 Pick a seat, any seat

 Actually, as this one didn’t happen to me when I was a Debut girl I don’t think it counts and we should move on to the next one. No? Ok, if you’re sitting comfortably I shall begin…

 In a previous job, one of my roles was to train staff on new products. This usually took place during our weekly staff meeting when I had the limelight all to myself for approximately ten minutes and I commanded all eyes on me! After a particularly light hearted, fun and educational session on the difference between sirloin and ribeye, I was ready to reassume my seated position on the outer parameter of the circle. So finishing on questions I gathered my props and took a step back to where I had risen from my standard issue, four wheeled office chair. Note the manufacturer’s choice of casters in this instance as it plays a vital part in what happened next. As I stepped back to place posterior on perch I kicked the chair leg which obligingly rolled back leaving me to park on the floor! Needless to say this was highly amusing to everyone else rivalled only by the colour of my face which would have put Rudolph out of business!

 Badge of dishonour

 I think we should continue taking turn about which means this next one is the faux pas of Julie…

 “I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with networking and its most basic format, you don a name badge then spend the evening walking around looking at peoples’ chests before making eye contact and introducing yourself. Right? Well this story begins just like that only I was now the proud owner of a coveted magnetic ABN badge and was dying to put it on and have it stay on all night unlike the stickers which have a penchant for hair or getting curly edges which usually render me a Ju or lie. So with respectable looking top firmly sandwiched between magnetic badge I was off and soon found someone I wanted to meet. Confident as ever I walked over only to be met by a perplexed looking man scanning my torso. Much to my shock the front and back of my badge had parted ways leaving the name part three steps behind me and the backing as rather unsightly protrusion coming out of my stomach. Now this is where the stickers come into their own as they can easily be replaced, it is not so easy to rummage down the front of one’s blouse in public!!”

 And last but not least, this is a particularly ironic one considering our areas of expertise and the topic in question and also one which I must take full responsibility for…

 Two heads are better than one…two eyes are better than none!

 When tweeting, as you only have space for 140 characters, it is common to abbreviate or even colloquialise some words. It is not acceptable however (as sadly it is quite common) to mis-spell words or be grammatically incorrect. We are only human after all but checking your tweet, email, blog, text etc. etc. before you hit send can save unnecessary embarrassment especially when you are in communications and killing two birds with one stone by tweeting about a blog. Much like I learned when I absentmindedly made the unforgivable their, there, they’re mistake.

 And the topic of the tweet/blog..? Proofreading. I’ll say it for you, epic fail!

 So there you have it, both Julie and myself now feel a lot better and just hope we have not been too late in redeeming ourselves before Santa visits in 5 sleeps time. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for loyally reading every week.

See you in 2013.

It’s all in a year’s work…
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