Assuming that you are all now newly fledged business people, I am sure your heads are reeling from American football league sounding acronyms which you nod and smile in response to as if you have been using them for years, and business-like phrases similar to ‘time is money’ and ‘there is no I in team’. Having been guilty of using the latter, I shall allude to the previous by saying moving swiftly on from last week’s post, we are now about to address the question of how much work is actually involved in this? Oh, and, do you do it all yourself or outsource?.

So are you a work-work person or do you balance it with play? Do you do it all yourself or draft in the troops? Well, the simple answer is that there are pros and cons for both scenarios which I will endeavour to bring to light in the next few paragraphs, right before I ask you to sign a consent form for accepting Début Marketing’s advice. (That last part was of course a fib, we know we can help and are always happy to but want you to make an informed decision, hence why we tirelessly provide our blogs every week.)

Being part of a ‘glass half full’ kind of company, I shall start with the pros of outsourcing. By outsourcing even just a little of the extensive marketing tasks required to be an ongoing success, you will get the benefit of:

  • Added knowledge

  • Connections

  • Professional experience and advice

  • Market research tools and resources

  • A different outlook on objectives and how to reach them

  • SWOT analysis (one of the aforementioned troublesome acronyms)

  • Competitor and market understanding

This in turn will not only help you grow your business effectively but save you both time and more than likely money as there are no learning curve or trial and error pitfalls. And when you think about it, there are a lot of things that you could use help with. So exactly what kind of things can you outsource? Please see below:

  • Press releases

  • Direct marketing material

  • Website content and design

  • copywriting, SEO and proofreading

  • Newsletter content

  • Social media

  • Budgeting for advertising etc.

And the list goes on and on… (if your head wasn’t reeling before, I bet it is now!)

Now the flip side…doing is better than watching, and you can certainly learn lots, and feel like you have it all under control by doing it yourself; but it takes time and energy (which could be used elsewhere) and therefore £££!

As my mum always says “a problem shared is a problem halved” and when you are setting up business, the sad fact is that you are bound to encounter some problems, or ‘areas requiring professional help’ as us Début girls like to call them. But fear not, much like our homepage rolling banner depicts, we are caped crusaders when it comes getting the best for you and your company. Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, we are always happy to chat!

Outsourcing…Yes or No?
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