Hellooo again, I am starting to feel more and more like Mrs Doubtfire every time I type that only I have my own teeth and am giving advice on virtual things.

I bet Mrs Doubtfire wouldn’t spring this on you though…Pop quiz!

Q. How many people do you think actually use social media..?

Now if you are sitting comfortably I shall begin…

A. You’re probably close but try doubling or even tripling that figure and you might be nearer the mark:

  • 49% of the UK are on Facebook
  • 100 million+ people tweet regularly
  • Youtube has 800 million users a month
  • and slightly closer to home, Aberdeen Business Network has over 2200 active, niche members.

There are many, many more facilities on the www like Google+ and LinkedIn for example but with just the aforementioned alone you are already into dizzying figures.

So what is the link then between blogs and social media, isn’t one a lot of information and the other refined to snippets?

The common goal they both share is to get you noticed, and with over an astonishing one billion (a thousand million) people using social media platforms daily each becomes a virtual supermarket shelf ready for you to place your product (a link to your blog and/or website that is).

Now this part is self explanatory but once they click on the link to your website or blog you have them where you want them. Now the tricky part is how to keep them there, and I’ve decided to save this juicy topic for next time.

But because of the refined characters and space social media sites permit it is often a good idea to direct your followers to topics of interest that add to your credibility e.g. videos you have posted, competitions you are running or events you are involved in, like minded partner companies and, of course, your trusty blog – have a think about it.

So for now it’s goodbye from me and you know the drill, same time next week…over and out.


Getting your blog noticed with social media

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