Think of it this way…would you look a gift horse in the mouth?

Whilst some still perceive blogs as a way for frustrated writers to release their pent up views on anything and everything, in the business world they are as valuable a tool as Alice’s ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ potions were in Wonderland.  Without one you could become stuck.

So how can you be sure if blogging has elevated from craze status to smart business move?

Well, let’s begin this pro-blog blog by bringing out the big guns – the statistics, or cold, hard facts.

Of the average 54.5 million UK internet users out there, how many people do you think actually read or write blogs… or both?

Well, you’re probably close, now try doubling that figure and you might be nearer the mark:

  • A whopping 77% of internet users read blogs

  • There are 164  million blogs online to choose from

* so yours needs to stand out by being interesting and informative without meandering down the rambling route.  (The only rambling you should be doing is with a sturdy pair of walking shoes and compass)

Many try and of course some are more successful than others, that’s why even with…

  • 3 million new blogs per month

they still make up…

  • 22% of the top 100 websites

Don’t just take my word for it, let the facts and figures speak for themselves:

  • 56% – helped their company establish positioning as a thought leader within the industry.
  • 58% say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog
  • Of all social media platforms, consumers trust information they receive through blogs more than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Consumers are almost as likely to share information they find on a blog as from a newspaper or magazine

Your blog, or ‘big ol’ billboard’ as I affectionately call it, is a surefire way to get an audience, and Google rank blogs rather highly in search results.  By posting relevant content in a blog you have the freedom to establish yourself as a leader in your field, a serious professional who has expertise that is worth knowing about.

The easiest way to set up a blog is by using a free template.  Once the basics have been decided; feed, nurture and tend to your blog and watch your business blossom.

Your blog loves to play dress up and can masquerade as many things each pertaining to different outcomes depending on your objective.

Consider this, what would people want to get out of reading your blog?:

  • An understanding of your company – therefore your blogs should contain easily researchable information about you and your company

  • A confirmation of relevancy – use your blog as a place for your credentials to shine in all their glory

  • Trustworthy endorsements – brag a little, you know you do a good job and if people confirm it then tell everyone!

  • Answers – a blog and website never sleep, yours will give 24/7 customer service

  • ££££ – as an honorary driving instructor, your blog has the ability to steer traffic (not the four wheeled kind) to your site and eventually into making a sale.

Thanks to all the clever computer techies out there it is now easier than ever to write something and have it seen by millions within minutes.  But blog content is not curtailed to written content, oh no, to broaden your catchment area add links, infographics, questions and get your audience involved.  You may think that what you’re doing is only providing a bit of interactive fun but you’re really building a connection and raising awareness of your business profile.  It’s a chance for you to really shout about what you can do (please don’t type your blog all in capitals though) and you know what is said – “word of mouth marketing is the most effective way of marketing”.

Now as you boldly go where many have gone before take heed of these words… Blogs require thought and commitment, if you’re struggling for time or ideas to give it your best shot, ask a professional, we are always happy to help.

Good luck and happy blogging!

* tune in same time next week for some tips on content to get you noticed

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