When it comes to thinking up new ideas there seem to be two types of people. There are those people who are always coming up with ideas, several a day. Most of them are wild, wacky and completely impractical but there is the occasional gem. Then there are the practical people – they can see why the wild and wacky ideas won’t work, and they are great at carrying out the gems and making them take shape, but they find it harder to come up with ideas of their own.

Here are some great ideas, via twitter, for coming up with great ideas:

  • Over a coffee with a friend or colleague (the better the coffee, the better the ideas, apparently)
  • Brainstorming – make sure you don’t criticise any of the wild and wacky ideas – they help you come up with more ideas
  • In your dreams (if this happens to you, keep a pen and paper by your bed)
  • A long walk, with or without a dog. I also find that running helps. Anything that involves fresh air and getting away from your desk and clearing your head.
  • Sitting on the train or sitting relaxing. Or in the bath – when your mind is at rest it is more creative
  • Driving – a great way of letting your mind wander – just keep your eyes on the road!
  • Asking questions
  • Reassessing your business and looking at what your clients want,
  • Looking at problems from your clients’ point of view and working out how you can help
  • Arranging a working lunch with your key business influencers and trusted professional advisers

In summary, I’d say there are three main groups here

1. talk to someone else

2. clear your head, relax

3. put yourself in your customers’ shoes

Oh yes, and if all else fails, try Twitter!

With thanks to: @wordright, @clockstudio, @oxfordproperty, @roberthempsall, @theshadecard, @melanieshearn, @developingphoto, @coachingabn, @fmats, @rorysuperscot.

Generating ideas – ten top tips

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